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Clarification on Jet Li's Involvement with Stephen Fung's "Tai Chi 0"

During last year’s Cannes Film Festival, Chinese film studio Huayi Brothers announced that they’re making “Tai Chi 0” with Jet Li in the lead and Stephen Fung in the director’s chair.

Since then, all future announcements regarding “Tai Chi 0” have NOT mentioned Li’s involvement. He is currently listed as a producer on IMDB, but not as a cast member.

Jet Li is NOT involved with Stephen Fung’s “Tai Chi 0.” Li had brought the project to Huayi Brothers, but dropped out after they disagreed about the film's vision.

Huayi Brothers liked the idea of a Tai Chi movie, so they hired Stephen Fung to further develop it. Li and Fung have never worked together on “Tai Chi 0.” Apparently, the two visions of the film are very different even though both involved the Tai Chi style.

So there you have it. Li initiated the project, but dropped out over creative differences. Fung entered afterwards and developed it into its current form, which includes a steampunk element.

Li’s initial involvement explains his producer credit on IMDB.

Article written by Senh Duong

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A very happy birthday for Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan celebrated his 58th birthday with 500 guests, together with his wife Joan Lin and son Jaycee Chan at a party held in his Sai Kung film studio in Hong Kong.
At the birthday party, Jackie share his joy with friends including Sally Yeh, Liu Chia-Chang, Daniel Wu, Leo Ku, Willie Chan, Alex Law, Mabel Cheung, Stephen Fung, Andrew Lau, Hu Xia, Ko Chen-Tung and others.

Jaycee had reportedly rushed back to attend the party and gave his father the tickets of his new movie "Double Trouble", which will be released in Beijing and Taiwan, as his birthday gift.

Jackie also showed his appreciation for his fans on Weibo, "Saw the birthday wishes from so many friends, thank you everyone, I love you all."

"I will return your wishes with the best movies, wait for my "Chinese Zodiac". I can't believe I would receive hundred thousands of birthday wishes. I resend there blessings to all mankind," the Kung Fu star added.

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Tai Chi 0 - First Teaser Trailer Released

Director Stephen Fung won a lot of love for his 2005 effort House Of Fury, a highly entertaining effort that seemed to cement the Hong Kong actor-turned-director's career shift. Things were looking up for Fung on the directing front. And then he became collateral damage in the Edison Chen sex scandal.

Chen was cast as the male lead in Fung's House Of Fury follow up, Jump, when the scandal hit. The reaction to explicit sex photos leaked from Chen's personal computer was so severe that Fung had no choice but to shut down production, recast Chen's part and start all over again. That Jump was finished at all is a minor miracle but the issue meant a four year gap between pictures for Fung and a definite taint clung to the picture. Zip forward another three years and Fung is finally in post production on his next project, the big budget mainland project Tai Chi 0.

A martial arts picture with definite steampunk overtones, Tai Chi 0 looks to be a return to form for Fung with the director going for the sort of high energy stylistic mashup that is a surprising rarity in Chinese language film. For years now Pang Ho Cheung has been the defacto voice of the young generation simply because there hasn't been much of anyone else playing in that field in any sort of meaningful fashion. Hopefully Tai Chi 0 will restore Fung to a growing class of directors - Wong Ching Po and Wuershan being the other major names - with the goods and the backing to shake things up a bit.

Source(s): news article from, video from Diversion Pictures Official Youtube Channel
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Diversion Pictures

Just catching up on some (newish) news...

Stephen Fung & Daniel Wu established Diversion Pictures with Huayi Brothers Backing

Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung have established an independent company in partnership called, 'Diversion Pictures'. One of China's biggest entertainment group, 'Huayi Brothers' will assist them over a 5 year contract.

Stephen Fung will front as the CEO and Daniel Wu, the chairman of Diversion Pictures. Apart from leading the company, both still plan to write, act and direct in movies. The newly established company is aimed towards the young audience segment with a focus on modern and artistic vision. The first featured film is set to star Jet Li titled, "Tai-Chi", and shooting will commence in June.


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MORE IMAGES @ (Press Conference), (On Set)
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New layout!

Hi All!

Just to let everyone know I have been spending a little time on the community - I've just given it a swish new layout ~ let me know what you think!

fungtaklun fungtaklun fungtaklun

In other news, I will (soon) be relaunching my fansite for Stephen (which will be renamed Stephen Fung Online). If you have any suggestions or comments about what you would like to see on there please let me know!

Thank you all for following this community - please help spread the word amongst your fellow Stephen fans to let them know!
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Stephen on Asia Uncut~!

Stephen has announced on his blog that he will be on the next episode of Asia Uncut (airing: 31st Jan)~!

Official site:

Stephen will be on the show with other guests: Edward Norton, The Chinatown Dolls and Carsick Cars. The interview will be in English.

They add their videos to the site, so I'll let you know when it's up (^_^)

Photos source: Stephen's Blog

Blog Translation: 2009.09.23 (17:49)

I have worked as "Fan Si"
Posted: 2009.09.23 (17:49)

Recently, Daniel Wu I and went to Macao to watch the American rock and roll band Linkin Park concert; was exciting!

I have appreciated Linkin Park for a while, their music integrates rock and roll, HIP POP, RAP, electronic and so on - many elements. This kind of MIX that I like very much.

The first time this band I heard their first special edition "Hybrid Theory", the feeling is special. Their opening was 2001 entire US sells the total champion, in which 12 songs, each capital was Rap-Metal work classics.

Because Daniel knows Linkin Park's only Asian member; Joseph Hahn. Daniel took me directly backstage and we took the JO group photo. JO is a nice guy, he's friendly. Not only does he play music, but like me he also directs. He has photographed a Linkin Park MV and some short movies. In the world highest standard's band, JO is the Asian that's really a quite big deal. I hope to later have more opportunites to exchange some ideas with him about music and movies.


Translations from Chinese to English by Pan. Sorry for any mistakes (^_^;)
Words in RED were originally in English.

Note: The "Fan Si" in the title of the blog post, I think refers to Stephen spelling out the word 'Fans' in Chinese characters (hence why it is in quotation marks).

Blog Translation: 2009.09.23 (17:31)

Pyramid's Souvenir Photos - Nearly Got Killed
Posted: 2009.09.23 (17:31)

In 2000, I went to Egypt for the location of a television program. The innumerable times I saw in movies and TV that ancient and mystical statue, now is near at hand suddenly, the mood is really excitement beyond description.

When I walk down from the airplane, the first feeling is: Hot, is very hot, super heat! Surpassed 40 degrees Celsius heat waves instantaneous to mix with the sand dust to give people a hard time. I must've been like a roast pipe. However the long and trying journey was, I finally saw the mysterious Pyramid and the sphinx, so it was worth it. Pyramids built using over a million great stones, I don't even know how many ancient Egyptian skilled craftsman's painstaking care and wisdom. One of the seven wonders of the world, really lives up to its reputation! Excited.

Local food was also delicious, mainly the fried chicken, the fish and chips and the bread and so on... The Egyptians are friendly, especially when you are willing to go to the shop which they open, purchase the Pyramid model, the sphinx.. and so on these characteristic Egyptian souvenirs. They will very warmly greet you, will speak with not stopping, probably until you are like old acquaintances. I had the opportunity to attempt to ride a camel. I was careful that when they meet, they do not stop to spurt the saliva, its hit may be miserable!

Egypt makes me happy, but actually I had not thought, but soon after we filmed the photographs and program completed and were preparing to leave, a lifelong unforgettable accident suddenly happened. At that time, I was riding on an all-terrain Quad bike and suddenly rolled over a big stone. The entire vehicle instantaneously tumbled over and over. I felt dizzy immediately and was thrown. However I owe alot to those who responded quickly, my instinct to make a protective movement and I fell on the sand. Although I almost broke my leg off - but after the inspection only my left hand, right calf and two toes were damaged. The staff were also frightened, hurrying to apply ointment and pain-reliever. When I got up to look I realised I had been projected from the Quad bike almost 10 meters, OMG! I though immediately that the Pharaoh had blessed me in the darkness, to make it shocking but not dangerous! I don't exaggerate, it was like an action movie scene!


Translations from Chinese to English by Pan. Sorry for any mistakes (^_^;)
Words in RED were originally in English.

The program Stephen is talking about filming is a set of four DVDs he created called '星光伴我行' (Starry Journey). You can buy it from Yesasia here.